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angelthing's Journal

9 April 1987
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                                        ....You know you love me.
Name: Stephanie
Nicknamed: Navi
Age: 22 + April 9th
Marital Status: In a relationship
Located: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Diagnosed: Hypochondriac. Paranoia. Insomniac. ODC. And a bit over dramatic....at times...but what artist isnt?
Works: Navi Katorin Photography, Restoration Hardware
Drives: 1999 Black New Beetle. You know you're jealous.
Addicted to: Ace of Cakes, Photography, Tattoos, Pilates, Starbucks, harry potter, my ipod.
Guilty of: fighting for what I want even if it hurts others...

+++The Breakdown.

                                               ....Life, as I know it.
Trying to function in frigid Minnesota, trying to enjoy my job and boyfriend...and attempt to move back to connecticut in hopes of building a family, life isn't so easy anymore.

+++Different View.

                                               ....Come & Get Me.
DeviantArt: navikatorin.deviantart
Flickr: cherrycoma.flickr

...I am a Princess on the way to my throne...